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i used to have two stomachs, one for dinner, one dessert
the first would fill up quickly and the second always growled and gurgled
that news is old. those papers fuel for charcoal fires
so i eat to remember

daddy made us dinner whenever mama came home late
sat at the head of the table when he thought no one was looking
a man can cry, he can sincerely empathize,
and a woman can bring home the bread

i live in the city now
i fend for myself

i cook family-sized meals for my family sized appetite
i eat for two to keep me company
but the thing that I'm still missing is somebody to complain to
about the trivial things

i go to any supermarket, they all look the same
i can imagine the exit will open on a familiar parking lot
and we'll drive home through the massachusetts hills
with our trunk full of groceries


from Roots & Bells, released April 15, 2012




Town Hall Brooklyn, New York

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